403L Rebuild Transmission Line


This Project involved the dismantling and removal of an existing section, and the construction of a new section of 66kV transmission line as described below:

  1. 403L: Dismantling of approximately 4 km of existing 66kV Single Pole transmission line (conductor 4/0 AASC) and the construction of 4 km of new 66kV Single Pole transmission line (conductor 4/0 AASC “Vancouver”). The new line was constructed adjacent to the existing corridor.


Newfoundland Light and Power


Newfoundland -Transmission Line 403L is located between Newfoundland Power’s St. George’s (“STG”) Substation in Bay St. George and Lookout Brook(“LBK”) Hydro Plant, with a 4.0 km 3-phase tap to Robinsons (“ROB”) Substation. The 4 km of line rebuilt in 2020 is the 3-phase tap that travels from Steel Mountain Road and along Route 1 TCH to “ROB” near Route 403

  • Project Name TL 267 Foundation Installation
  • Client Locke's Electrical
  • Date 2018
  • Duration 3 months
  • Location Newfoundland