Heating Plant Electrical & Instrumentation Modernization


In summer of 2020 IOCC started the 600V upgrades for the Heating Plant.

The Electrical and Instrumentation scope included but was not limited to:

  • Installation of steel support structures for two new transformers and NGRs
  • Installation of steel support structures for new exterior cable tray
  • Installation of new grounding grid
  • Installation of two each, new Transformer, NGR, control cabinets
  • Installation of new 1200Amp disconnect
  • Installation of all new cable trays
  • Installation of 4 each new MCC sections
  • New cable for every 600 volt load
  • Installation of 4 each new PLC Cabinets
  • Installation of new UPS system and network Cabinets
  • Installation of all new instrumentation cables
  • Cut over of 80+ loads and instruments while the plant remained operational.




Labrador City, Labrador

  • Project Name TL 267 Foundation Installation
  • Client Locke's Electrical
  • Date 2018
  • Duration 3 months
  • Location Newfoundland