CT0342 Transmission Line Construction (230 kV HVac Modifications and Island Electrode Line)


Modifications to/rerouting of existing 230KV wood-pole transmission lines TL218, TL232, TL201, including civil works and electromechanical works associated with the 230 kV transmission lines. Work included access roads and clearing, survey and staking, material management, excavation and installation of poles, log anchors, rock anchors, guy anchors, farming and setting of wood poles, insulator assembly and installation, installation of conductors, hardware installation, counterweights and site stabilization.  This work was performed close to existing transmission line facilities and had stringent safety and environmental requirements.  Scheduling work with outages and flexibility of crews was crucial to successful completion.


Lower Churchill Project


Soldier’s Pond & Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

  • Project Name AC Transmission Line Island Woodpole Structure Erection
  • Client Locke's Electrical
  • Date 2017
  • Duration 2 Months
  • Location Newfoundland