Powerhouse Slack Span Interconnection, Muskrat Falls


The scope of Work for Locke’s project included slack span stringing for four (4), 315 kilovolt (kV) high voltage alternating current (HVac) interconnection lines at the Muskrat Falls Powerhouse, including overhead shield wires (OHSW); and OPGW stringing for two (2) cables from Muskrat Falls Powerhouse to Muskrat Falls Terminal Station 2. Stringing operations required Locke’s to cross construction access roads that had high volumes of traffic. Locke’s provided necessary road crossing protections for allowing traffic to continue on these access roads. Additional work included installation of four (4) OPGW splice boxes, installation of conductor jumpers on first towers and installation of t-tap drop-down connections and conductor.


Lower Churchill Project


Muskrat Falls, Labrador

  • Project Name Powerhouse Slack Span Interconnection
  • Client Locke's Electrical
  • Date 2018
  • Duration 45 days
  • Location Newfoundland