Bechtel Canada – Installation of 46 kV Substations 605, 620 and 621- IOCC


This installation contract mainly covers the general requirements on quality of material and workmanship for the construction of three (3) 46kV substations.  The work consists of the construction of a new 46kV switching substation 605 at the Process Water Pump House and the construction of the 46-4.16 kV substations 620.

  1. Construction of the substation fence, including access gates;
  2. Supply, assembly and installation of H-frame portal galvanized steel structure;
  3. Supply, assembly and installation of the prefabricated electrical housing galvanized steel access galleries, including guard rails;
  4. Supply, assembly and installation of galvanized steel supports for cables trays.
  5. Offloading and installation, on concrete piers, of prefabricated electrical housing, including installation and/or connection of all electrical equipment that were disconnected or shipped separately for transportation.
  6. Installation and connection of 46 kV disconnect switch;
  7. Installation, assembly and connection of 12/16 MVA, 46-4.16 kV transformer (except sub 605);
  8. Installation of 46 kV lightning arresters on new steel structures;
  9. Supply, installation and connection of all control cables and substation auxiliary services, including all mounting hardware;
  10. Supply, installation and connection of the substation grounding grid;
  11. Installation and connection of all power cables (69 kV and 5 kV cables), including high voltage terminations;
  12. Construction of the concrete foundations for cable trays only, including excavation, compaction, and leveling.



Bechtel Canada (for IOCC)


Labrador City, Labrador

  • Project Name LCP Transition Compound - Forteau, Yard Lighting Completion (
  • Client Locke's Electrical
  • Date 2017
  • Duration 1 month
  • Location Newfoundland