Electromechanical Installation Works at Forteau Point and Shoal Cove


The Transition Compounds electrical construction included equipment installation, grounding of all equipment and all their supporting structures , grounding of all cable trench and cable tray, installation and termination of low voltage power cables, control, protection and automation cables between equipment and control cabinets , installation of lightning protection , continuity and megger testing for power and control cable.


Equipment/structures installed:  DC Current transformer 617 kV, HVDC Disconnect Switch 390 kV, DC Surge Arrestors 424 kV, Line Fault locator, Post Insulators, busbar, surge arrestors, gantries, lightning towers and masts, station service transformer, emergency generator, cable tray, fibre, GPS clock antenna


GE Alstom


Forteau Point, Labrador and Shoal Cove, Newfoundland

  • Project Name LCP Transition Compound - Forteau, Yard Lighting Completion (
  • Client Locke's Electrical
  • Date 2017
  • Duration 1 month
  • Location Newfoundland