• Project Name AC Switchyard - Soldier's Pond
  • Client Locke's Electrical
  • Date 2017
  • Duration 3 months
  • Location Soldier's Pond, Newfoundland


Soldiers Pond 230kV AC  Substation Erection and Civil Works Package 4A & 4C including all underground works


The work for Soldiers Pond substation included the construction of a new 230 kV substation which includes six (6) 230 kV transmission line feeders, three (3) 230 kV feeders connecting the synchronous condenser facility and four (4) 230 kV feeders connecting the HVDC converter station.

The Substation electrical construction included equipment installation in 5 bays, grounding of all equipment and all their supporting structures , grounding of all cable trench and cable tray, installation and termination of low voltage power cables, control, protection and automation cables between equipment and control cabinets , installation of lightning protection , continuity and megger testing for power and control cable.


Equipment/structures installed:  245 kV circuit breakers, 362 kV circuit breakers, Current transformers 245 kV, CVTs 245 kV, Disconnect Switched 245 kV, Surge arrestors 253 kV, post insulators 245 kV, double gantries, tubular bus bar, station service transformers, cable tray, fibre

Scope of Work for civil works required for the excavation, backfill, terracing, grading, installation of underground utilities and duct banks for Soldiers Pond AC Substation. Work included grubbing, excavation, backfilling, concreting, terracing and grading to subgrade level. Work also included any temporary access roads, crossings over trenches, surface dewatering of trenches, and excavations.


GE Alstom


Soldiers Pond, Newfoundland